I could spend my whole life in front of a beautiful landscape and I will be my happiest. There is a sense of peace that just makes me lose myself in this world. And New Mexico is blessed with a unique landscape that just gets my creative juices flowing.

I would recommend landscape painting any day to the beginner painter. That is how I gathered my confidence when I begun painting. The advantage of landscapes is they don’t change. Or at least they rarely change instantaneously. So you can go back to the same spot and practice over and over until you get your technique right.

So find a nice quiet beautiful spot where you can practice your craft in peace. It’s very important to be unperturbed for hours as you work on your masterpieces. You may have to take a drive a while outside the city to find a suitable place for you. Carry an umbrella with you to protect you from the sunlight as you paint. Needless to say carry some sunblock with you.

For most landscapes, spring and fall are the best seasons to go painting. The splashes of color make for very expressionable images. Trust me on this.

The first step of course is making the commitment. Everyone can do this. You don’t have to go out with the intention of being a master artist though if you end up being one then well and good. The key is just working on your craft while enjoying yourself. And landscapes provide passive subjects which you can work on for hours and develop your own unique technique easily. Happy painting everyone.