MCG Williams – A signature watercolorist


MCG Williams laying down another masterpiece

I have always enjoyed the outdoors – the flowers, trees, mountains, forests, seashores, and sunsets. Even as a child photographs helped me capture memories and I slowly began to view my photos more artistically.

Once I began to paint watercolors, photos enabled me to compose and save visions to transfer to paper. A career move to New Mexico opened a gamut of new life experiences. The change in scenery and climate was an unexpected surprise. The wonderful mix of cultures, the spontaneity of the people, and
the atmosphere of the arts in northern New Mexico opened new avenues for exploration and expression.

Watercolor is addictive. For most of my life I was intimidated by art and never considered the possibility that I would someday paint a picture. After persistent urging of a friend,  I took my first watercolor class in the fall of 1996 with Jan Hart. Short courses with other instructors, helped me appreciate the variety of approaches and the range of techniques. Each new approach modifies my individual style.

My formal education and career activities are in science and engineering and not related to art directly. Informal watercolor classes with several wonderful watercolorists have been instructive and inspirational experiences.


Jun.03 Signature Status in New Mexico Watercolor Society

Aug.04 First Place, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos, NM

Oct.01 Langell Award, New Mexico Watercolor Society Fall Show, Albuquerque,NM

Oct.01 Third Place Award Traditional Fine Arts, Art Center at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos

Oct.00 Second Place Award, Espanola Art Festival, Espanola, NM



Art Center at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos

Abiquiu Inn and Gallery, Abiquiu, NM

Imperial Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA


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